Compact Consulting

Comprehensive and Actionable



Operational Support



- Reputation management

- Relationship with regulators

- Sanctions

- Deal structuring

- Policies and procedures (UK, EU, US)

- Risk management

- Controls and reporting

- CFC and curreny control

- IT and tools

- General advice

- Corporate governance

- Corporate documentation

- Intellectual Property

- Corporate litigations

- Labour disputes

- Operational Risk

- Segregation of duties

- Forensic 

- Incidents investigation and remediation

- Investment targets analysis

- Investor presentation preparation

- Invesor search

- Due Diligence preparation

- Due Diligence management

- Deal negotiations

- Private equity funds


- Operating model analysis and design

- Business processes optimisation

- IT systems functional design

- ERP and financial systems implementation

- Reporting solutions

- Strategy


  • Professionality: You work with a highly professional team with extensive international experience gained in "Big 4" consultancies, well known legal firms, largest banks and leading international corporations.
  • Real expertise: If necessary, we bring in the experts from the best companies in your industry to obtain real world understanding of your issues, risks, potential solutions and technology.
  • Creativity: We have broad experience in analysing and designing solutions for standart, non-standard and emerging issues by applying creative thinking and prooven techniques.
  • Action: You get a well-thought through solution that you can act on.
  • Trust: We value your trust, it is our top priority
  • Support: We are happy to support you with a broad range of your professional issues, if necessary we can consult with external specialists on conditions of anonimity.
  • Discussion: We will be glad to discuss any of your issues, if you need to bounce ideas, have a fresh look from the outside, get constructive criticism, or help structuring your ideas.

Performance Improvement

COMPACT* solutions for yor business

Concrete, Optimal, Meaningful, Professional, Accurate, Confidential, Technology enabled